There are many different styles of treatment available for substance dependency issues. That’s great, but it can also make it a challenge to figure out which of them is best for you.

One option that you may be looking into is an intensive outpatient program (IOP). We put together this article to help you determine whether it’s right for you or not.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about IOPs in Anaheim, Orange County, California.

What is an IOP?

An Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP is a type of substance abuse treatment that offers high levels of support without requiring you to move into a treatment center to get it. The exact treatments that you get from an IOP can vary from program to program, but most include:

  • 1-on-1 therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Options for medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Outdoor outings

Are IOPs better or worse than residential rehab?

Many people who are considering an IOP are also thinking about moving into a residential rehab center. Neither option is inherently better than the other. Instead, each has its own pros and cons, which will appeal to people with different preferences.

For example, IOPs allow you to continue living at home with your family and sleeping in your own bed while also getting the intensive addiction support that you need to recover.

However, the freedom that IOPs offer can be a double-edged sword. You won’t be in a treatment center at night. And that gives you the opportunity to reach back out to old acquaintances and relapse. This isn’t a problem with residential rehab programs, since you live at the treatment center until your program is complete.

That’s why doctors often only recommend IOPs to people who have stable home lives. If your family is supportive and you don’t live around bad influences, then an IOP could work for you.

But if you think that having that extra freedom would increase your chances of relapsing, then you may want to stick with an inpatient program instead.

Will my insurance cover the costs of my IOP in California?

Your insurance plan will likely offer at least a baseline level of coverage for your IOP. But the amount of coverage that you get (and the amount that you have to pay out of pocket) can vary.

Factors like your location, the type of insurance that you have, and the facility that you choose to complete an IOP at can all have an impact on your out-of-pocket costs.

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