Welcome to Better Days Addiction Rehab Anaheim CA!

Better Days Treatment Center is a community that offers a safe, calm, and supportive environment for our residents to heal in. When you stay with us, you won’t have to worry about a thing beyond your recovery process. We understand your pain and are here to care for you every step of the way. Our custom-crafted treatment center is lavish, yet cozy enough to feel like home.

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Better Days is located in beautiful, sunny Southern California. We take advantage of our location by offering a wide variety of outdoor activities along with one-on-one therapy and life-planning support.

Our treatment team at Better Days has 40+ years of experience. We’ve developed our own reality-based recovery model to all of our treatments. The model uses the lived experiences of our residents as teaching moments for developing healthier life expectations.

The staff at Better Days is passionate about partnering with people who are struggling with mental health problems and substance abuse. We’re committed to helping you use the recovery process to discover your true purpose in life.