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Getting into drug and alcohol treatment is a challenging time you must give up everything you have known and change your perception and build new habits and discipline. To do this you will need a How to do this successfully which I will be providing you.

Building yourself inside your community:

When you get to treatment you often feel alone, it is encouraged you get a friend or someone you connect with. Build yourself within the community by being there for each other. It is also encouraged that you break old habits, by building new ones which would mean taking suggestion and remain accountable from peers, management, Staff and therapist or case management. Keep your mind open by reading and researching on building the recovered person you are trying to become.

Getting healthy:

Your first week will be a challenge you will be going through physical and mental withdrawal. Take advantage of staff helping you through this tough time. Eat healthy and take advantage of workout equipment. Health is very important in recovery clear active mind make you sharp and ready for any challenges you may face in recovery and treatment.

Working through trauma and getting to the root cause of your addiction:

It is highly encouraged that when you are in groups you check in and tell people where you are at mentally, physically, spiritually. These groups are designed to give you direction and support and It’s also important to let our team know how we can support you in recovery by giving you direction and strength to move forward in your recovery. When in therapy and case management sessions work through your past trauma and get to the root cause of why you use drugs and alcohol. Sobriety is not easy and the only way to work on it is daily maintenance.

Building your foundation outside of treatment:

The most important thing if you want to make it in treatment is having a solid foundation for you to build your new life. What this foundation would look like is anyone who keeps you accountable and inspires you to change. It is highly encouraging that you get a sponsor and someone who can walk you through this new way of life which is called recovery. A sponsor or mentor knows the direction you need to be taken and can help you build a foundation inside the recovery Community. Fellowshipping is very important and what this looks like is building yourself within meetings or any support group that changes you and makes you a better you.

Strategize a plan for your future:

The after plan is very important in treatment. When coming to treatment you should constantly ask yourself what comes after this. After working through trauma and your addiction root cause. Now need a game plan if you don’t have a healthy environment to go back to it’s highly suggested that you take direction on what to do next. Whether that means staying in your foundation area or building your foundation elsewhere. Surround yourself with healthy individuals and always strive on bettering themselves. Look for sober livings or anything that keeps you surrounded by people are trying to change which is a vital role in recovery. Which would mean finding a good job or going back to school anything that keeps you active and ever changing. Action is the key being successful in recovery.


We strategized a playbook on how to make it in treatment. During this time go easy on yourself and be proud of yourself for wanting to better your life. Take advice from people who understand addiction and build a support network within your community. The key to unlocking addiction is connection within your community and yourself. I hope you took something from this how to make it in treatment.