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Better Days is a preeminent treatment center in Anaheim with the best substance abuse recovery programs. Our use of medication-assisted treatments and reality-based recovery approach ensures a safe, speedy, and sustainable recovery over the years.

How do I choose between IOP and outpatient treatment?

If you do not suffer from severe addiction, our outpatient treatments are perfect for you. While both types of treatment help patients attain sobriety, they come with their own set of merits and challenges. Here are some the differences between IOP and outpatient program to help you make an informed decision:

  • Intensive outpatient treatment engages patients in several hours of rehab treatments and therapies but allows patients to stay the night in the comforts of their home. Outpatient rehab requires recovering addicts to attend addiction treatment for 1-2 hours a day for 4-5 days a week for an even lower level of care.
  • IOP offers the second-highest level of addiction care after inpatient treatment and optimizes your chances of attaining a successful recovery. Alternatively, outpatient treatment provides the least amount of structure but is ideal for those who deal with mild levels of addiction.
  • IOP acts as a step-down level of care for individuals after the completion of inpatient rehab. Outpatient treatment can last between 3 and 12 months and allows patients to learn critical coping skills and practice them in everyday situations.

Choosing the suitable facility for addiction treatment in Anaheim, California, boils down to your unique medical needs and recovery goals. Speak to a treatment specialist at our reputed Anaheim, CA, alcohol and drug rehab to assist you in your decision.

When to move into a sober living facility?

Recovering addicts should move into a sober living home after completing more intensive treatments. If you lack a proper support system at home, a sober living facility can prepare you for your transition into the real world.

Staying at a sober living home can make all the difference in the long term. It provides you with structure, creates accountability, and allows you to heal and recover in sober fellowship.

Difference between our Anaheim drug rehab and other local treatment centers

Choosing a treatment facility for alcohol detox and rehabilitation in Anaheim, California, can be an intimidating task. Knowing each center’s merits can help you make an informed decision. Here is how our facility for substance abuse counseling in Orange County, CA, differs from other treatment centers:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment center – We go to great lengths to identify your addiction’s underlying causes and use advanced psychotherapies to address and treat them adequately. 
  • Flexible treatments and upscale facility – We offer IOP, detox, outpatient rehab, sober living, and PHP programs in a state-of-the-art treatment center. You get to heal and recover in a world-class rehab facility, far from the stressors of your everyday life.
  • Customized evidence-based treatments – Unlike other rehabs, we create personalized addiction treatments and use scientific therapies to help patients attain sobriety and improved mental wellness.

For 24/7 admissions, call 888-992-3297. Contact Better Days today to verify your insurance or to learn more about our treatments and therapies. We are a top-rated treatment center in Anaheim with an upscale facility, highly effective treatments and therapies, and a dedicated staff team.

Treatment Center Anaheim

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Treatment Center Anaheim

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