Mental Health Treatment Anaheim

At Better Days treatment, we offer personalized mental health treatment in Anaheim, helping patients understand their conditions and find reliable long-term solutions to managing them over the years. Addressing co-occurring disorders in early phases is critical for ensuring a healthy, stable, and balanced lifestyle post-rehab.

The best adult mental health services

The best mental health care needs to include comprehensive addiction detox and rehabilitation services to ensure a well-rounded recovery experience. The problem with mental health disorders like anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, or depression is that they often trigger a substance abuse behavior. Many individuals resort to drug or alcohol use attempting to control the symptoms of their mental health issues. With time, they will develop a substance addiction, creating more problems for themselves.

To ensure lasting recovery benefits, we provide patients with a unique recovery experience via our Orange County, California, behavioral health services, and rehab care. These include programs like:

  • Detoxification services – While the detox program aims to tackle drug or alcohol-related withdrawal, it’s also useful for coping with co-occurring disorders via medication and therapy.
  • Dual diagnosis extended assistance – The dual diagnosis program is perfect for handling severe mental health issues that impact our patients’ recovery during rehab. Our psychiatric residential treatment centers in Anaheim, CA, offer personalized care, targeted medication programs, psychotherapy, behavioral therapies, and long-term aftercare services for a smooth recovery experience.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) – MAT is a long-lasting medication plan meant to help patients cope with aggressive and chronic co-occurring disorders. The program offers individuals a way to cope with the more severe symptoms and focus on other healing modalities to ensure a healthy and stable lifestyle after the rehab program.
  • Reality-Based Recovery program – The Reality-Based Recovery program is part of an innovative holistic rehabilitation system. It helps patients connect with reality and make better decisions in life over the years.
  • Sober Living Structure – The Sober Living program is a vital option for patients leaving psychiatric inpatient facilities and seeking a comfortable, secure, and conducive recovery environment. The program helps patients develop a living structure and adopt a healthy and more balanced routine, allowing them to reintegrate into society as fully functional individuals.

Where to treat mental disorders

If you’re dealing with substance addiction, you most likely have untreated mental disorders to account for. The reverse is also often true. If you experience drug or alcohol-related symptoms or deal with mental health problems like anxiety, emotional imbalances, depression, etc., we advise you to contact our experts today. The sooner you begin addressing your co-occurring disorders, the easier and more comfortable the healing phase will be.

Our mental health treatment in Anaheim helps patients identify their underlying mental issues and find meaningful, long-lasting solutions during rehab. Contact our mental health team, make an appointment at 888-992-3297, and come in for in-depth clinical evaluation, detox, and dual diagnosis screening and treatment.

Better Days ranks among the most reliable detox, rehab, and dual diagnosis facilities, with innovative amenities and results-oriented treatment modalities. This is your chance at a life outside addiction.

Mental Health Treatment Anaheim

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Mental Health Treatment Anaheim

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