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An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is one of the effective treatment programs for substance rehabilitation. It is a type of outpatient program that involves intense treatment even without living at the rehab facility.

IOP in Anaheim includes scheduled therapy and counseling sessions for patients and allows them to go back home after daily sessions.  

Is IOP Right For You?

Intensive outpatient programs are a proven effective treatment however, it may not be the best choice for every patient. It is crucial to know the best treatment plan for your addiction recovery.

These are some of the situations that determine the suitability of an Intensive outpatient program.

Severity Of Addiction 

IOP is well suited for patients with a low level of addiction. In cases of severe addiction, 24 hours support provided by an addiction treatment in Anaheim California will be a suitable treatment option. Patients with addiction levels that are not critical may be able to handle intensive outpatient treatment. 

Mental Issues

Treating mental issues as well as substance addiction is possible but it required a sensitive and organized treatment plan. Patients need to be monitored and given continuous care and attention. IOP is suitable for people with minor to no mental health issues.


If you are transitioning out of an Anaheim CA alcohol and drug rehab, and you want to ease the transition process, IOP is a suitable option. However, IOP can be rigorous and demands immense discipline. If you are still experiencing withdrawal syndrome or have a great chance of relapsing you should still consider continuing the inpatient program. A lot of effort is put into ensuring the success of an IOP in Anaheim. 

Other Traditional Outpatient Programs

If there is no considerable progress seen from the traditional outpatient treatment you may consider a more intensive program. Our IOP in Anaheim has a lot of therapy and counseling sessions included. 

Group therapy is a major session in alcohol detox and rehabilitation in Anaheim California.

Patients become part of support groups such as 12-step support groups and undergo substance abuse counseling in Orange County CA. These require a lot of commitment and diligence but the result is usually worth it. 

Daily Obligations

If you have obligations you can not put away for a long period such as school, work, family, but you can still schedule the required number of hours for the program, then you are a good fit. If you are unable to dedicate the required number of hours needed and you are not sure of your commitment, this treatment plan is not for you.

Home Environment

IOP requires a lot of discipline and determination. The process can be made easy if you have a safe and healthy home to go back to. 

Family members must be available to support and encourage you and do as much as they can to reduce any form of temptation. If you are not sure of a safe home environment, it is advisable to go to Anaheim drug rehab for an inpatient program where you can live in the facility. Contact Better Days to being your journey to freedom and recovery
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