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Alcohol rehabilitation is an effective way of treating patients addicted to the substance. There are different treatment plans provided in Anaheim CA alcohol and drug rehab. Knowing the best treatment plan for a patient is a step forward towards recovery.

Inpatient rehab is a treatment that involves patients living in the accommodations provided by the rehab facility, 24 hours monitoring, and treatment. The outpatient program is a more flexible treatment program that involves scheduling treatment sessions at specific intervals and the patients can go back home after their appointments.

Alcohol Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Alcohol PHP in Anaheim is an outpatient treatment program that requires a lot of time in rehab almost as much as an inpatient program. The only difference is the ability of the patients to go home which is why it is called partial hospitalization.

Are You a Good Candidate For an Alcohol Partial Hospitalization Treatment?

Anaheim drug rehabs have different effective treatment options as well as the difference in the severity of the addiction. This is why the first step before the commencement of alcohol detox and rehabilitation in Anaheim California is the evaluation of patients by professional medical practitioners.

Here’s how you can know if you are an ideal candidate for a partial hospitalization program;


Completion of the detoxification program is a requirement for PHP, If you have started and completed the process of alcohol detoxification you can consider this treatment plan. It is important to note that you have to be cleared by a medical practitioner to ensure that the detoxification stage has been completed.

Relapse Probability

Your stage in the recovery process is very important. If there is a high probability of relapse when you start outpatient relapse then it’s advisable to consider the inpatient treatment plan. You should only consider partial hospitalization if there is no chance of relapse and there is a complete absence of withdrawal symptoms.

Ease of Transition 

Alcohol PHP in Anaheim is ideal if you have completed an inpatient treatment plan and plan to transition to an outpatient program. A partial hospitalization program will make the transition process easy if you have finished inpatient treatment and you are ready to commence normal activity.

Suitable Accommodation and Environment 

The environment has a big influence on addiction and recovery. If you have a home that is conducive for the treatment program and reside in an environment that will not make abstinence a tough process you can consider PHP. A comfortable and safe environment is very crucial for addiction treatment in Anaheim California.

Therapy and Continuous Support 

Alcohol PHP in Anaheim involves a series of therapy, counseling, and other beneficial activities which last for long hours. If you are open to intensive therapy sessions and substance abuse counseling in Orange County CA, PHP is a good option.

You must also have family and friends that are willing to encourage, support, and hold you accountable during the treatment period. Inpatient facilities have trained staff and medical experts that provide the required support. Contact Better Days to being your journey to freedom and recovery
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