Addiction impacts people of all ages. If your teen has a problem with drugs or alcohol, then they may need rehab for teens to overcome those issues and get back to a healthier, happier way of living.

What is rehab for teens?

Rehab for teens is a type of rehab that’s only for people who are at or under a certain age – typically 18.

This is beneficial because it gives your teenager the opportunity to form relationships with people who are their own age while going through rehab. These relationships are crucial to the rehabilitation process.

Additionally, the people that your teen is in rehab with will understand what they’re going through much better than an adult would. That’s why this type of care is generally the preferred option for parents of teens who struggle with drug and alcohol problems.

What happens during rehab for teens?

During rehab for teens, your child will likely receive several different types of treatment. First, they’ll get to have 1-on-1 sessions with an experienced therapist.

Your teen’s therapist can help them work through the root causes of their addiction and come up with healthier solutions to those problems. This work is critical to forming the foundation of a long-lasting recovery.

Your teenager will also likely get to participate in group meetings with other teens and potentially even holistic healing techniques like meditation, yoga, and outdoor activities.

But the exact treatments that your teen receives while in teen rehab will depend on the facility and program that you sign them up for.

Will insurance cover the cost of rehab for teens?

The idea of paying for rehab can feel daunting. But there’s a good chance that your insurance will cover at least a part of it.

Most insurance plans cover addiction services like rehab when they’re medically necessary. And if your teen has a demonstrated addiction to drugs or alcohol, then there’s a good chance that your coverage will apply.

This means that you can get your teenager the help that they need to heal without having to pay for it all yourself. But the exact amount of coverage can vary based on factors like your location, the treatment center that you choose, and whether your provider is in-network or not.

Better Days can help you find your ideal rehab for teens in the Anaheim area

Do you think rehab is right for your teen? If so, consider contacting an addiction specialist at Better Days.

Our addiction specialists can walk you through your options, answer your questions, and verify your insurance. Then they can make a personalized recommendation based on your goals and preferences.

Rehab for teens could be just what your child needs to recover. So why delay it any longer?

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