Outpatient Drug Rehab Anaheim

Drug abuse recovery is a gradual and intentional process. Drug rehab programs have made the process easier and attainable. There are different types of treatment for drug addiction in our outpatient drug rehab in anaheim which is dependent on the extent of addiction and the preference of the individual patient.

Outpatient Rehab

An outpatient rehab program is a much more flexible rehab pattern. It offers treatment sessions that can be scheduled within the week and do not affect day to day activities of patients. 

A calendar is developed to accommodate medication, therapy, and other parts of the treatment plan as well as work, school, or other normal daily activities.

Our Outpatient Drug Rehab Facility

We have a program set up for patients with the motivation to stop substance abuse and need guidelines and help on how to achieve that goal.

Our treatment programs in our patient drug rehab in Anaheim are also individualized depending on the level of addiction. Our outpatient rehab services include;

Examination of Patients

We have professional medical practitioners in our Anaheim CA alcohol and drug rehab that carry out a series of assessments on patients. This is done to know the level of addiction and the treatment program that will be most efficient.

Treatment Type 

The result from the examination will be used as a guide to determine the treatment plan to use. Our top-of-the-line technology, well-equipped facility, and exceptionally trained staff contribute to the efficacy of our alcohol detox and rehabilitation in Anaheim California.

Some of our treatment programs include;

  • Day Sessions

This is a structured addiction treatment in Anaheim California that requires a lot of commitment. Several days in a week are scheduled for substance abuse counseling in Orange County CA, group or individual therapy, and other activities.

The sessions may last for a few hours and sometimes can be extended. Patients go back to their respective homes after each session. This type of treatment can affect the morning schedule of patients but we find a way to make it as flexible as possible. 

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs(IOP)

IOP involves a rigid system of goal setting and measuring progress. The patients are put through a series of therapy sessions, counseling, support groups such as 12-step. These are scheduled for a few hours weekly.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This is a treatment plan that involves therapy sessions targeted at behavioral patterns. This helps to improve patients’ orientation and can aid fast recovery.

  • Contingency Management

This form of Anaheim drug rehab uses the patient’s motivation as a strong tool. Rewards are given to patients as an incentive when they attain a milestone of abstinence. 

  • Intensive Family Therapy

This is usually a weekend session that includes members of the family.  Family members are given proper education on how to create a conducive environment for patients. This also helps to improve communication.

Our outpatient drug rehab in Anaheim provides all that is required by our clients to achieve quick recovery and continue their normal lives. Contact Better Days to being your journey to freedom and recovery
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Outpatient Drug Rehab Anaheim

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Outpatient Drug Rehab Anaheim

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