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Mental illness is a recognized health problem increasing daily among the population. Mental illness has started gaining recognition as a serious issue and mental health treatment programs in Anaheim have gained a lot of significance.

Mental health issues can be caused by a lot of factors and most times a combination of these factors such as genetic imbalance, negative life events(death, physical or emotional abuse, accidents), exposure to adverse conditions. 

A lot of help can be gotten from psychiatric residential treatment centers in Anaheim CA to treat mental issues.

Four Benefits of Our Mental Health Treatment Program 

Our mental health services are designed to provide support to our patients and assist in making the recovery process easy and achievable.

Positive Change of Environment 

Most times, mental issues and strange behavior arise from trauma and toxic environments. Our psychiatric inpatient facilities help to remove patients from such environments or relationships to an environment that will influence their recovery positively.

They can focus on positive things and concentrate on getting better. We have a safe and hospitable facility with professional medical practitioners and well-trained staff members. Our patients feel at home and easily adapt to the environment.

24-hour Support 

Our mental health treatment program in Anaheim provides all the support needed by patients for a full recovery. We have counselors and psychotherapists that have full knowledge of how best to communicate and build relationships with patients.

Staff members also provide 24/7 attention to patients. They ensure they are comfortable and are always ready to attend to patients. 

Patients also get a community of support amongst themselves. Our patients are in different stages of recovery and they can share experiences, encouragement, and insights. This community of patients challenging the same issue is a great benefit and is a contributor to the recovery process.


Therapy is one of the most effective tools in mental health. There are different types of therapy such as cognitive-based therapy and we conduct different sessions for patients based on their individual needs. Sometimes we fix individual counseling sessions and sometimes they are involved in group therapy. There is also peer group support where patients bond in a supportive community and help themselves.

Balanced Activities

Treating mental illness requires a method that will influence every aspect of the patient’s life, mentally, socially, emotionally, physically. Apart from medication and the treatment plan, we have made provisions on activities that affect every part of their lives. Some of the activities included in our Orange County California behavioral health services are: 

  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Painting
  • Music
  • Community service
  • Gardening

We help patients discover new talents and hobbies. We work with them to stop negative habits and thoughts and replace those habits by introducing them to positive habits, productive skills, and optimistic thoughts.

Our mental health treatment program in Anaheim gives hope for a gradual and comfortable recovery. We provide our clients with the best professionals, equipment, facility, treatment plan, and activities to make that possible. Contact Better Days to being your journey to freedom and recovery
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Mental Health Treatment Program Anaheim

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Mental Health Treatment Program Anaheim

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