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Addiction of any type is dangerous and has the potential to completely destroy your personal and social life. As an addict, you might think that breaking out of this circle of addiction is impossible. But we at Better Days are here to remind you that this is not going to be your end. You deserve a better happier life and all this is possible by just reaching out to us.

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Thinking of giving up your addiction might seem like a nightmare due to the severe dependency on drugs and the forthcoming withdrawal symptoms. Our Reality-based recovery models will ease this struggle as it revolves around personalized treatments, therapies, and MATs based on your needs and condition. The MAT for addiction Anaheim has been a true game-changer for the addicts of all substance abuses.

The main purpose of MAT is to help you achieve your goal of giving up the addiction manageable as the withdrawal symptoms can be quite harsh sometimes. Here’s everything in detail that you need to know about MAT at our facility.

Q) What is MAT?

There’s a high chance that you might have not heard about MAT and what does MAT stand for in addiction? MAT I.e. Medication-Assisted Treatment is the application of FDA-approved medications strategically along with proper counseling and therapies. This method has proven beneficial for many as it reduces the severe symptoms that follow with detox. The experienced and professionally trained specialists manage this treatment to make sure that the benefits of the treatment are enjoyed fully.

Q) What are the benefits of mat?

This method definitely does not mean that you would be substituted from one substance to another. It is a medically supervised treatment in which the effects and results are fully monitored and the future course of action is prepared based on it. Following are the significant benefits of our Medication-assisted treatment for addiction.

  • Its biggest advantage is that it significantly reduces the horrible symptoms of withdrawal this allows you to successfully complete the detox phase and experience the beauty of a better life.
  • It is the safest way towards recovery as here you would be guided and assisted by the professionals who consider your struggle as their own.
  • Just withdrawing the drugs and alcohol from the system can cause more harm than good therefore we block their negative effects and cravings with the help of proper medications. This reduces your chances of relapse and guarantees your success.
  • Substance abuse causes huge financial loss and damages the health beyond your imagination. But with our MAT program, you would be able to perform well at work and win this battle of addiction head-on.

Q) What medications are used in mat?

There are many misconceptions and confusions about MAT. Is Naltrexone a mat, will the medications make you high? No, the medications are not supposed to make you feel high and the type of medications used will depend on your condition. The commonly used medications include:

  • buprenorphine to reduce your drug cravings.
  • methadone blocks the effects of drugs and alcohol.
  • naltrexone blocks the sedative effects of opioids and the feeling of euphoria.

Time for a change:

MAT is something that any addict needs right now. So if you or your loved ones are suffering from addiction, today is the day that you experience change and bring the much-awaited transformation in your life.

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