Iop Treatment Anaheim

Better Days is leading rehab for IOP treatment in Anaheim with comfortable accommodations, an excellent staff team, and evidence-based treatments and therapies. Our intensive outpatient program requires clients to attend multiple sessions each week, each lasting for several hours. Recovering addicts engage in counseling services, relapse prevention education, and 12-step recovery support groups as a part of IOP treatment. Here are the four benefits of our IOP addiction treatment in Anaheim, California:

1. You get to stay in the comfort of your home

If you aren’t particularly excited about leaving home for several weeks to stay at a rehab facility, IOP is the ideal treatment option for you. It requires you to attend treatment for several hours a day, allowing you to spend your nights at home. You do not have to leave your loved ones, pets, children, or seniors alone while you drift away for several weeks with our IOP program. As the #1 Anaheim drug rehab, we offer the best IOP treatment programs for recovering addicts that help them regain control over their mind, body, and spirit.

2. You do not have to take time off from work

Most individuals considering joining our alcohol detox and rehabilitation in Anaheim, California, worry about their jobs. Questions like “What will happen to my job?,” How do I speak to my employer about my addiction?” etc., can put recovering addicts under a great deal of pressure, negatively affecting their recovery experience. Our Anaheim, CA, alcohol and drug rehab offers the most flexible intensive outpatient program that allows you to maintain everyday responsibilities while also receiving addiction treatment. With our IOP treatment, you do not have to take time off from work/school or personal commitments. We can work around your schedule, making sure that you balance both treatment and work-related responsibilities in a stress-free fashion.

3. It offers the second-highest level of addiction care

IOP programs offer the best of both worlds as it provides the structure and support of residential treatment and the flexibility and freedom of outpatient therapy. IOP programs offer the second-highest level of care, optimizing your chances of attaining sobriety and maintaining it in the long term. Not to mention, IOP programs are significantly cheaper than residential treatment, making it the most preferred rehab option.

4. It allows you to heal and recover with peer support

As you engage in substance abuse counseling in Orange County, CA, you will get to meet many recovering addicts battling with similar issues as yours. IOPs not only culminate a sense of sober fellowship amongst recovering addicts but acts as a backbone in your recovery journey as well, strengthening your commitment to sobriety in the long term. 

Call Better Days at 888-992-3297 to get started on a journey towards freedom and recovery. Our addiction treatment programs can help you attain improved mental wellness and equip you with essential skills to combat triggers, stressful situations, and cravings. Our IOP treatment in Anaheim is an affordable option compared to inpatient rehab and offers more structure than traditional outpatient care.

Iop Treatment Anaheim

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Iop Treatment Anaheim

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