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Many people are addicted to one thing or the other, but the most common addictions are substance and alcohol abuse. These addictions are capable of destroying the lives of addicts. This informs why addicts seek treatment when they discover that their addictions are beyond their control. They are faced with two options based on their peculiar situations; either to go for inpatient or intensive outpatient program.

The significant difference between these two choices is that those who opt for the intensive outpatient program don’t get full admission into the rehabilitation facility for 24-hour treatment. In other words, they visit the treatment center at scheduled intervals.


  • We Are Established to Be Unique

There are many addiction treatment centers in Anaheim, California, and by dint of hard work, Better Days have emerged as the leading Anaheim, CA alcohol and drug rehab center. We believe that your better days are not behind but ahead of you, and so we have set a challenge to help you regain sobriety when you decide to cooperate with our treatment plan.

Our many referrals from past clients result from the emphasis we place on individualizing our treatment plans to suit your drug and alcohol recovery treatment needs. We understand the arduous task involved when choosing the best among other addiction treatment centers in Anaheim, California. And that is what informs our uniqueness and adherence to global best practices in the industry.

We assist our inpatients and intensive outpatient in accessing superlative substance abuse counseling in Orange County, CA, with the support of qualified and dedicated professionals committed to helping our patients recover from drug and alcohol dependency.

  • Our Facility, Treatment, and Equipment are Second to none.

The location is serene and has state-of-the-art facilities if you are determined to get top-of-the-line alcohol detox and rehabilitation in Anaheim, California. Our different kinds of treatments are aimed at granting you long-term health and overall wellness of mind. Our facility is built to facilitate reality-based recovery by engaging clients in a variety of lively activities geared towards making them gain sobriety.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program Service

All drug and alcohol addicts cannot undergo residential rehabilitation due to their schedules or strong attachment to their homes or loved ones. If you require a top Anaheim drug rehabilitation, you need not opt for inpatient therapy. Our intensive outpatient program offers you a chance to feel the impact of treatments given to inpatients without you leaving your home to become one of the live-in patients.

This is because intensive outpatient serves as an alternative for those who neither require inpatient rehab nor outpatient treatment. This type of structured program goes along the inpatient therapy regimen lines because it is also rigorous, only that you go home to sleep in your bed after receiving your scheduled treatments.

The schedule can be between 20-30 hours per week, depending on your substance abuse addiction severity. You are encouraged to receive your treatment during the day and participate in your group’s activities to enhance your sobriety. During therapy, which is very important, the source of your addiction is revealed, and our expert therapist will help you resolve why you got dependent on either drug or alcohol.

With this resolved, the therapist fashions out a formidable and intensive solution to your drug or alcohol dependency problems to avoid any form of relapse.

If you’d love to be free from your addiction and you seek the best IOP program in Anaheim, contact Better Days to begin your journey to freedom and recovery.

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Iop Program Anaheim

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Iop Program Anaheim

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