Dual Diagnosis Rehab Anaheim

If you’re dealing with prolonged substance addiction and one or more co-occurring disorders, our dual diagnosis rehab in Anaheim is the ideal solution to your problems. At Better Days, we diagnose our patients’ conditions accurately and rely on customized detox and recovery programs to promote a smooth, safe, and reliable rehab experience.

How to know if I need dual diagnosis treatment?

We advise contacting our expert clinicians to evaluate your health state and provide an accurate diagnosis fast. Co-occurring disorders are notoriously challenging to diagnose due to their many similarities between them, which is why it’s ideal to leave the evaluation process to our experts. We perform in-depth clinical assessments prior to the Anaheim, CA, alcohol and drug rehab and create customized rehabilitation and recovery plans to ensure long-lasting benefits over the years.

How long will dual diagnosis last?

The program’s duration depends on multiple factors, including your disorder(s) severity, addiction type, and length, response to medication and therapy, etc. All our dual diagnosis patients will go through detox first, which lasts around a week, after which they can opt for PHP, IOP, MAT, or other treatment modalities available. Overall, the recovery program may last for months up to a year or may become ongoing if you’re dealing with chronic disorders that require continued maintenance.

Is the dual diagnosis treatment painful?

The addiction treatment in Anaheim, California, will involve physical and mental discomfort due to the condition’s nature. The withdrawal will come with specific physiological effects, especially during the detoxification phase. This is why detoxing in our reputed facility is ideal if you’re looking to minimize these effects. We offer custom medication and therapy programs and supervise the recovery procedure to eliminate the discomfort and suffering that patients experience during the withdrawal phase.

Our goal is to help patients recover faster with as little pain as possible. We use the same approach when dealing with co-occurring disorders that require intensive care and medical assistance.

Is the rehab treatment effective?

Our alcohol detox and rehabilitation in Anaheim, California, effectively combats the withdrawal, eliminates addiction’s triggers, and addresses co-occurring mental health disorders effectively in the long run. The treatment’s success over the years will, however, depend on each patient’s determination along the way. So long as you remain focused on your recovery goals post-rehab and embrace a new way of life, you will never have to worry about addiction or relapse ever again.

How to join rehab?

The first step is calling our rehab specialists and have a phone discussion about your situation. They will ask for information about your addiction, health issues, co-occurring conditions, insurance coverage, etc. The next step consists of on-site clinical evaluation and treatment recommendations, followed by detox, therapy, and substance abuse counseling in Orange County, CA.

Better Days offers personalized dual diagnosis rehab in Anaheim, providing patients with reliable solutions to their problems. Call 888-992-3297, make an appointment, and come to our facility for clinical investigation, treatment planning, and detox preparation today!

Dual Diagnosis Rehab Anaheim

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Dual Diagnosis Rehab Anaheim

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