Dual Diagnosis Iop Anaheim

If you’re dealing with a form of drug or alcohol addiction, getting reliable dual diagnosis IOP in Anaheim is essential for a smooth and reliable rehab experience. Better Days offers customizable rehabilitation programs and patient-oriented dual diagnosis assistance as part of an integrative rehabilitation treatment.

Is the dual diagnosis treatment necessary?

The dual diagnosis treatment is an integral component of our Anaheim, CA, alcohol, and drug rehab due to its long-lasting benefits. Studies show that substance addiction is a common occurrence in individuals dealing with mental health issues like PTSD, anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, grief, etc. These people resort to drinking and drugs to find some relief from their symptoms, developing a substance abuse disorder with time.

The dual diagnosis treatment always complements our Anaheim drug rehab and alcohol treatment by providing people with:

  • A reliable and targeted medication plan – We rely on detox to help patients overcome the withdrawal and get medical assistance with their co-occurring disorders at the same time. The detox program will last several days, during which our clinicians will monitor and assess your response to the medication plan.
  • Behavioral and psychological assistance – Our addiction treatment in Anaheim, California, includes behavioral therapies and psychotherapy sessions for extensive psychological assistance. The same programs offer people support in dealing with mental and emotional traumas and serve as the ideal tools for assistance with advanced co-occurring disorders.
  • Long-lasting management solutions – The problem with most mental health issues is that they are chronic in nature. Our job is to help you prevent relapse over the years, which is where our alcohol detox and rehabilitation in Anaheim, California, comes in. We have a team of psychologists, clinicians, and health advisors that will guide you along your recovery journey. They will teach you the essentials of avoiding social triggers and remaining sober, stable, and healthy over the years.

How to know if I need dual diagnosis treatment?

There is only one way to know for sure if you require dual diagnosis treatment, and that’s coming to our center for clinical evaluation and assessment. Co-occurring disorders are notoriously difficult to diagnose since their symptoms often overlap with those of substance addiction. Misdiagnosing can cause a variety of other problems in and of itself, which is why we recommend relying on experts in this matter.

At our facility, we perform an in-depth clinical diagnosis to assess each patient’s condition accurately and recommend proper treatment. This allows our clinicians to better understand your condition and devise a personalized medication and therapy plan for a smooth rehabilitation experience. The treatment will involve numerous treatment modalities, including medication, substance abuse counseling in Orange County, CA, relapse prevention assistance, advice for a healthier lifestyle, etc.

If you show signs of co-occurring disorders or advanced substance addiction, we recommend coming to our center for personalized dual diagnosis IOP in Anaheim. You can speak to our rehab and mental health professionals at 888-992-3297 for insurance information and on-site clinical evaluation. Better Days ranks among the most renowned rehabilitation facilities, providing personalized dual diagnosis services, medical and psychiatric care, and premier patient-oriented assistance.

Dual Diagnosis Iop Anaheim

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Dual Diagnosis Iop Anaheim

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