Dual Diagnosis Anaheim

Treating co-occurring disorders effectively is critical for overcoming addiction and achieving a positive, healthy, and balanced lifestyle over the years. At Better Days, we offer personalized dual diagnosis in Anaheim to help patients find meaningful solutions to their life-long problems.

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a medical and psychiatric treatment aiming to address both mental health disorders and addiction conditions. The treatment can only occur in a high-end rehabilitation facility like ours with modern recovery amenities and patient-oriented recovery programs.

What conditions do you treat?

Our Anaheim, CA, alcohol and drug rehab team can cope with a variety of disorders, including behavioral problems, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, severe depression, etc. We recommend contacting our mental health experts for an in-depth clinical and psychiatric assessment so we can diagnose your condition accurately. Our professionals will recommend adequate dual diagnosis treatment depending on the evaluation’s results.

How do you treat mental health disorders?

The treatment may vary from one individual to the next. Our program for Anaheim drug rehab and dual diagnosis management includes medication, behavioral therapies, psychotherapy, counseling, and long-term aftercare assistance and guidance. You can even join our Sober Living Program after completing more intensive treatment forms if you believe it will help you with social reintegration and achieving self-sustainability.

Can I still work during the treatment?

It all depends on your addiction’s severity. We recommend inpatient addiction treatment in Anaheim, California, in the initial phases to cope with more aggressive symptoms and withdrawal manifestations. Completing the inpatient program will allow you to pursue less intensive care programs like PHP, IOP, or outpatient program. The latter ones will allow you to spend nights at home and only come to our rehab facility for treatment and therapy.

As you progress through the treatment, you might even be able to resume working while still getting the care and assistance you need along the way.

What happens during treatment?

The alcohol detox and rehabilitation in Anaheim, California, almost always begins with detox in our modern and luxurious facility. The detox process lasts up to a week, but the treatment’s duration generally varies depending on the disorder’s severity, patient’s response to treatment, etc. You will then join our outpatient care programs, depending on your needs and recovery goals, including IOP, MAT, PHP, etc.

Our clinicians will assess your progress along the way, recommending adequate treatment follow-up and long-term care. The recovery process will take you through multiple treatment modalities, including behavioral therapies, substance abuse counseling in Orange County, CA, relapse prevention training, etc.

Is dual diagnosis in Anaheim effective?

Our premier dual diagnosis treatment will allow you to return to a sober, healthy, and balanced lifestyle after rehab, so long as you stick to your long-term recovery goals. Our clinicians and health experts will also help you prevent relapse over the years to ensure a sober lifestyle moving forward.

We recommend contacting Better Days at 888-992-3297 to discuss your mental health problems and addiction issues. Our experts will devise a detox and recovery plan shortly after intake, allowing you to start life anew.

Dual Diagnosis Anaheim

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Dual Diagnosis Anaheim

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