Alcohol Rehab Anaheim

Better Days invites you to one of the most advanced and innovative rehab facilities to address your addiction condition and mental health issues. Joining our alcohol rehab in Anaheim is imperative if you’re dealing with prolonged alcohol addiction and aggressive withdrawal.

How alcohol rehabilitation works

Our Anaheim, CA, alcohol, and drug rehab program will take you through several treatment phases:

  • In-depth clinical evaluation – The assessment phase begins as soon as you arrive at our facility and allows our clinicians to evaluate your physical and mental health. The procedure’s goal is to have our experts gather information about your condition and diagnose any potential co-occurring disorders. It’s a necessary step in devising a patient-oriented detox and recovery strategy for long-lasting benefits.
  • Medical detoxification – Most addiction victims require detox at the beginning of the rehab treatment, and that’s especially true for alcoholism patients. The detox program is a clinical and psychiatric intervention, relying on medication and psychotherapy to calm the mind, rebalance the nervous system, and flush any alcohol-related toxins from the patient’s body. It is the ideal pre-treatment procedure, preparing the patient for upcoming residential services.
  • IOP and dual diagnosis assistance – The Anaheim drug rehab program follows the detox phase and places patients in a controlled and comfortable recovery environment. The treatment requires your presence at the center for 20-30 hours weekly, during which it helps patients tackle the withdrawal, overcome cravings, and adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle routine. It also assists with finding meaningful solutions to co-occurring disorders like anxiety, shame, depression, grief and loss, mental and emotional traumas, PTSD, etc.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – PHP offers the perfect blend between structure and personal freedom, allowing you to continue your treatment while remaining an active member of society. It is the ideal addiction treatment in Anaheim, California, for patients who have completed the IOP and seek a transitioning program between rehab and sober and independent life.

How to live an alcohol-free life

Completing the alcohol detox and rehabilitation in California is just the first challenge out of many. Since alcohol addiction is a chronic disorder, nobody can guarantee a lifetime of sobriety, as that depends largely on you. At our recovery center, our goal is to help patients become independent and self-sufficient over the years, adopting a sober, healthy, and balanced lifestyle post-rehab. We achieve this by teaching:

  • Relapse prevention tips
  • Manage cravings and avoiding social triggers over the years
  • Adopt a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle
  • Seek new hobbies and passions
  • Substance abuse counseling in Orange County, CA
  • Work towards a better career and build a happier and more stable family, etc.

We also have an outpatient program, pairing with a sober living treatment that can continue as much as you need it. If you’re ready to begin your alcohol rehab in Anaheim, contact our team today!

You can call Better Days at 888-992-3297 to discuss your situation and make an appointment for intake, detox, and rehab treatment. Our rehab team is available for contact 24/7, ready to guide you through the intake procedure.

Alcohol Rehab Anaheim

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Alcohol Rehab Anaheim

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