Addiction Iop Anaheim

Better Days offers premier addiction IOP in Anaheim for individuals who have completed a form of inpatient treatment and now seek follow-up care and assistance. The Intensive Outpatient Program is an integral part of the rehabilitation process, often more important than inpatient care in the grander scheme of things.

What does IOP mean?

It stands for Intensive Outpatient Program, and it is a comprehensive rehabilitation protocol with varying intensity and duration. The treatment consists of structured care in a comforting and relaxing setting, helping individuals build a sustainable lifestyle, combat their addiction effectively, and prevent relapse over the years.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

IOP is a transition-type program, helping patients move from inpatient care to a less intensive form of treatment. IOP relies on medication management, therapy, and counseling for up to 30 hours per week to help patients develop a healthy and balanced lifestyle routine.

What does IOP stand for in rehab?

Our facility relies on IOP to build a robust support system to carry over beyond the rehabilitation treatment. At our facility, patients learn how to become self-sufficient, confident, positive, and embrace a stable and sober lifestyle over the years. This makes IOP a leading tool for relapse prevention and sober living, providing our patients with benefits that the inpatient treatment cannot ensure on its own.

Do I need IOP care?

The only way to know what treatment fits your situation the best is learning what is an IOP and why it is used. If you’re dealing with progressive substance addiction and intense withdrawal, we recommend contacting our professionals as soon as possible. We conduct on-site clinical evaluations, testing each patient for co-occurring disorders and assessing their overall physical and mental health state.

Our clinicians will recommend adequate medical and psychiatric treatment according to the findings. They will inform you pretty soon if you qualify for our IOP or need to undergo inpatient treatment first.

Will Intensive Outpatient Program help me with addiction?

The shortest answer is yes, while the longer one is more complicated. Any rehab treatment’s success depends on the patient’s ability to stick to their recovery goals in the long run. So long as you stay determined to succeed in your rehab endeavors, our rehab treatment should be your tool of choice.

The Intensive Outpatient Program works best in conjunction with other treatments like inpatient care, Partial Hospitalization Program, Medication-Assisted Treatment, Sober Living, etc. Combining all these treatments will make for a unique recovery experience and ensure long-lasting results. You only need a strong mindset and the willingness to move forward no matter what.

Is IOP expensive?

The treatment’s price will vary depending on numerous factors, including its length, complexity, our patients’ recovery needs, etc. To get an on-point quote, we recommend contacting our rehab specialists today and asking them for details about our addiction IOP in Anaheim.

Better Days offers custom rehab in a supportive environment, allowing patients to forge their own recovery paths. Call 888-992-3297, make an appointment, and come to our center for clinical assessment and detox today!

Addiction Iop Anaheim

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Addiction Iop Anaheim

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